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Kigurumi Slave for Xanderchan by Hipper-Reed
Mature content
Kigurumi Slave for Xanderchan :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 680 105
Random Bondage Scene Generator v2 by Achast
Mature content
Random Bondage Scene Generator v2 :iconachast:Achast 92 41
Mature content
A little Game :iconheveti:heveti 112 18
Afternoon Games
„Urrm, I’m not sure whether that’s a very good idea…“ “What’s wrong Sarah?” Claire asked while waving the coil of white rope in her hand, “Do you fear you might enjoy it?” she added with a smirk. “No, of curse that’s not it!” Sarah answered indignantly, “I’m just not comfortable with the idea of being all tied up!”
It was one of those rainy afternoons where you just couldn’t go outside of the house. And just at such days Claire had some of her “great” ideas. A few minutes ago she had arrived at Sarah’s home, wearing her favourite outfit, a comfy dark red pullover and a pair of somewhat greyish pants. Sarah, however, had been too lazy to change clothes and was still wearing her school uniform: White blouse, black skirt and matching black nylon stockings. She had been wondering what could be inside of that sports bag Claire brought with her – well, now she knew: Some lengths of white
:icondani1202:Dani1202 353 28
Mature content
Weeklong Bondage: Pregaming :iconjenthewren:JenTheWren 246 9
Mature content
JF Institut : Isolation pods :iconjacketfreak:JacketFreak 375 56
Mature content
Rubbermaid :iconnate-walis:Nate-Walis 122 22
Mature content
The Machine :icondoornik1142:Doornik1142 328 33
Mature content
Her Little Bondage Brony :iconmars-the-horse:Mars-The-Horse 80 19
Mature content
A Cement Encasement :iconishy-222:Ishy-222 105 22
Doll Factory
Make Up:</i>
I sat down in my seat as I was asked, waiting for my makeup,
I just love to have my makeup done; only I rarely had the chance to have it done.
First she applied the foundation onto my face; this gave me a wonderful feeling.
Felt all warm and tingling all over my face, so special to me.
As she then painted my lips red, I could not help myself, smiling warmly.
Looking in the mirror, I could see my seductive smile widen a bit further now.
“Close your eyes, please!” I heard her say.
I closed my eyes, to let her apply the eye shadows to my eye lids.
Then she painted my eye lids in a shimmering pinkish hue, while my eyes were shut.
Once she was done with the eye shadow, she applied the blush to my cheeks.
“You can open your eyes now, please!” she told me warmly.
As I opened my eyes, she applied the golden colour to my eye lashes, then my eye brows.
By now my smile was so warm as it was ever to be,
and she applied a fresh coat of foundation to my fac
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 108 4
Mature content
Statue (1) :iconwndash2:Wndash2 67 3
tg - game over or just a start
„Where is his stupid thing?" ask Oldi to himself. He was searching the controller of his playstation 2. He searched the controller because he found the CD of final fantasy X and and he wanted to play it. „ I can't wait to play it! I loved Lulu so much she was so damned hot and her dress just classy! I'm really looking forward to see her in action again!" After he searched a hour he finally found the controller and begin to play with. He started at a point where he was in a forrest with a lot of lighten stones. Outside raged a huge thunderstorm and the lights in the apartment of oldi began to flicker and oldi thought about it to stop playing the video game. „Hmm when there is a short circuit it could be ugly? But it will nothing happen, I am sure!
And so he continued playing the game. He was still in the forrest but he came to a clearing and suddenly there was a cutscene and he knew now becomes hard. And so it comes, a big monster showed off and the battle begans. After a
:iconbooyakasvr:booyakasvr 43 20
Mature content
Dollmaking Kit TG :icon104crazyman188:104crazyman188 76 6
Maid TG - Number 1
There I was, standing in front of one of the biggest buildings I'd seen in my entire life. I rang the doorbell, and a man answered.
"Oh, you must be Theodore. I'm glad you're here, when my dad died, he didn't leave me any servants in the will. My name is Charles, and I'm the owner of this house. Please, come in."
"Okay, thanks!"
I had NO idea what kind of trouble I was about to get myself into. In fact, this may be the last time you hear from me. I'm already losing myself...
My name is Theodore. I can't tell you my last name. I have many enemies, and if they knew my last name, I'd be so much easier for them to find. So, let's just leave me as Theodore for now. Anyway, I've been low on money for a while. I saw an ad in a local newspaper about a mansion looking for a servant. Now, I'm no genius, but even I understand that if a MANSION is looking for a servant, the pay is bound to be good. I decided to call my friend and figure out what he thought.
"Hey, Joey."
"Yo, Theo!" Yes, Joey calle
:iconmrhardy12:mrhardy12 74 15
Raised Again (Chapter 1)
James was sitting silently on the park bench. The weather was sunny and a light breeze was blowing silently past his face. He had a habit of always keeping his surroundings in mind, as he could never tell if something could be happening that he’d want to see or be a part of. James stretched and leaned back a little, and looked around again, to see if he could spot Rachel. Rachel was his really close friend who was in college with him. They used to hang out all the time, but due to all the work they’ve had, he’s been unable to see her. Today would be the first day in a few weeks that he’d gotten to see her.
“James!” James spun around to see Rachel standing behind him, smiling kindly. She was a little shorter than James with long dark hair and an oriental look to her. She had dark, almond shaped eyes, and a friendly expression.
“Hey, Rachel!” James beamed, turning around and hugging Rachel happily. “How’re you?”
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 152 41




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